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    Bournvita Health Drink and Kissan Jam

    • Bournvita Health Drink : Cadbury Bournvita is a delicious chocolate health drink which is enriched with Vitamin (D,B2,B9,B12). It combines the great taste of chocolate, and goodness of essential nutrients that aid growth and development. Bournvita is a malted chocolate drink mix that can be enjoyed piping hot or deliciously cold. Try blending Bournvita with milk and ice cream to make a chocolate milkshake that is delectable and nutritious.
    • kissan Strawberry Blast : Made from lush, red strawberries, the Kissan Strawberry blast is a treat to your taste buds. The burst of real flavour along with a hint of the seed, creates a mouth watering spread, giving toast a new and exciting taste. Quirky, different and delicious, here’s a blast you’ve never thought you would have. Let’s make tiffin time yummier with Kissan Strawberry Blast.
    • kissan Berry Blast : Striking the perfect blend between sweet and tangy, the Kissan Berry Blast is a rare combination of juicy black grapes and ripe, succulent strawberries. The burst of blueberry flavour is a quirky taste that you will love so much, you will surely have quite a blast. Sit back and enjoy the best of both worlds!
    • kissan Orange Blast : A little sweet and a little tangy, Kissan Orange Blast is a delight for your taste buds. Coupled with peels of the real orange fruit, this jam is an irresistible burst of the real fruit flavour. Tastes heavenly with bread, chapati or parathas. Here’s to making tiffin time yummier!
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