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    Brooke Bond Taj Mahal and Red Label Natural Care Tea

    Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea : The perfect combination of strength and flavour in a cup of tea that makes you say – Wah Taj!

    • 50 glorious years of excellence
    • When the history of tea is written down, 1966 will be a celebrated chapter. For in that year, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea was born, with a promise – To foster excellence in each Cup. Fifty years on, we continue to live up to our promise.
    • As an age-old brand, we have consistently focussed on great tasting tea with superior quality. Taj Mahal tea is blended to perfection and approved by tea tasters. The brew is golden-orange, has a rich taste and an uplifting aroma.
    • Savour the flavour of our historic Taj Mahal tea and with that first sip you’ll say – Wah Taj!

    Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea : Red Label Natural Care is from the house of Brooke bond and the brand Red Label.

    • Red Label Natural Care Tea contains the goodness of 5 Natural Ingredients – Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi & Ashwagandha, all of them are extremely beneficial for your body as they enhance immunity while giving a unique flavor to the rich tea. Red Label Natural Care tea is also available in Tea bags!
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    JIVRAJ & Wagh Bakri CTC Leaf Tea and Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

    • Wagh Bakri CTC Leaf Tea : This tea is an undisputed leader in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is now a preferred choice of consumers in Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The tea is made of fine quality tea leaves specially handpicked from selected quality gardens. The brand offers region specific blends for supreme consumer satisfaction.
    • JIVRAJ CTC : The Jivraj CTC is a careful and luscious blend. It makes a strong cup of tea and is sourced, manufactured and processed under intense and advanced climatic conditions. Fighting against all odds, Jivraj CTC is an offering from the beautiful, lush and rich estates of Assam.
    • Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta : Light and fluffy rotis are guaranteed, with the asli phulke wala atta! Made with the finest wheat crops, Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta ensures with every meal your loved ones say, ek phulka aur.
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    Tetley’s Green, Super Green, Long Leaf Green, Flavoured and Black Tea

    • Tetley Green Tea
      • Tetley Green Tea with Ginger, Mint & Lemon : The freshness of ginger and mint come together with healthy green tea and invigorating lemon for the a soothing, energizing cup of green tea.
      • Tetley Green Tea with Aloe vera : Enjoy that little moment when good health and great taste combine. The soothing flavor of aloe vera pairs with refreshing green tea for the perfect cup of tea.
      • Tetley Natural Green Tea : Our green tea contains 5 times more antioxidants than an apple, neutralizing free radicals. It’s the easiest way to add a dose of health to your day.
      • Tetley Green Tea with Lemon & Honey : The delightful combination of lemon zing and honey with refreshing green tea come together in perfect harmony for a touch of magic to your daily cup of tea.
    • Tetley Super Green Tea
      • Tetley Super Green Tea – Boost : Our master blenders combined our Lime & Mint Green Tea with Vitamin B6 to help you combat tiredness and fatigue anytime, anywhere.
      • Tetley Super Green Tea – Immune : Your favourite Citrus & Honey Green Tea now comes fortified with Vitamin C to help support your immune system.
    • Tetley Long Leaf Tea
      • Tetley Lemon Long Leaf : Enriched with antioxidants that combat the body’s free radicals, formed as a reaction to stress and pollution, our long leaf teas provide a dose of health anytime, anywhere.
      • Tetley Pure Original Long Leaf : For any tea lover our premium long leaf teas are a must try if you’re looking for a burst of flavour with all the goodness.
    • Tetley Flavoured Tea
      • Tetley Ginger Zing : Flavourful ginger blends with our finest Assam tea to bring a touch of magic to your day. Let comforting cheer envelop you with the perfect cup of tea.
      • Tetley Masala Chai : Sometimes you just want what’s familiar. For times like those, sit back and relax with a cup of comforting home style Masala Chai.
      • Tetley Lemon Twist : Looking to refresh your tastebuds? Look no further than our classic black tea with a twist of citrusy lemon for a fun twist on a daily favourite.
      • Tetley Elaichi : Take a minute for yourself and unwind with our delicately flavoured Elaichi Black Tea.
    • Tetley Black Tea
      • Tetley Black Tea : Why mess with a classic? Featuring an expert Assam blend for an exceptionally rich, unique taste, every time.
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