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    Comfort Cleaner and Colin Glass Cleaner Spray

    • Comfort – Morning Fresh : Give your clothes big shine and smell of a fresh morning with a small step of Comfort Morning Fresh fabric conditioner. It has fragrance pearls which settle in your clothes and burst all day, releasing a beautiful scent to keep you feeling fresh.
    • Comfort – Lily Fresh : Comfort Lily Fresh fabric conditioner gives your clothes an unbelievable shine and the fragrance of fresh Lily flowers. It has fragrance pearls that settle in your clothes and burst all day to release a lovely floral aroma. Comfort also conditions the fibres of your clothes to keep them visibly soft.
    • Comfort – 99% Antibacterial Action : Say goodbye to the musty smell of damp clothes. Bring home Comfort- 99% Antibacterial Action to keep your clothes shiny, fragrant & 99% germ free.
    • Colin Glass Cleaner Spray : New Colin Glass Cleaner with the power of shine boosters not only removes dirt and dust, but also gives “2 times more shine” than regular cleaners across glass and shiny surfaces.
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