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    Lijjat Papad Fortune Soya Chunks

    • Lijjat Udad with Pepper Papad
    • Lijjat Udad with Garlic – Chillies Papad
    • Lijjat Udad with Red Chillies Papad
    • Lijjat Moong (50% Udad & 50% Moong) Papad
    • Lijjat Udad Special Papad
    • Lijjat Moong Special (50% Udad & 50% Moong) Papad
    • Lijjat Punjabi Masala Special Papad
    • Fortune Soya Chunks : Enjoy the best of both worlds with the ideal combo of taste and nutritional values! Bring Fortune Soya Chunks to your kitchen and make delicious and power packed meals for your family.
      • get your soya chunks in all different sizes
    • Fortune Soya Granules : time for you to enjoy the taste of soya keema curry or soya momo packed with the power of protein. The same taste and the same dum, but in the form of soya granules.
      • get your dose of soya granules in this size
    • Fortune soya mini chunks : Chhote Soya Chunks, Bada protein power! Packed with the goodness of 15X more protein than milk, Fortune Soya Mini Chunks are the perfect addition to your kids’ lunches and snacks.
      • your go to soya mini chunks, in this size
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