Detergent Powder and Poha

    • The lightly fried variety is a standard breakfast in all over the world
    • Best Before 4 Months
    • Manufacturer And Export By SHREE SWASTIK FOOD PRODUCTS
  • Natraj Makai Pauwa
    • Makai Pauva/Makka Poha are a very important part of Indian Gujarati Cuisine. Makai Pauwa is usually fried in hot oil so that it puffs up, for consumption as a snack. It is an important ingredient of the Farsan, Chevda and Namkeen.
    • Natraj Agro Products is one of the biggest largest Makai Pauwa (a proprietary food) Manufacturers & exporter from Surat, Gujarat, India. Nataraj Agro provides best qualities of Makai Pauwa which have high nutritional value and have low fat. Natraj Agro Products are very popular in Gujarat and all over India. We produce tons of Makai Pauwa every day, which we are now planning to expand. Our specially manufactured Makai Pauwa are widely used in breakfast and can be added to various dishes of Namkeen.
  • Nirma Washing Powder
    • This product created a marketing miracle, when introduced in the domestic marketplace. In 1969, when the detergents were priced so exorbitantly that for most of the Indians, it was a luxury item. Nirma envisioned the vast Fabric Wash market segment and sensed a tremendous potential therein. This product was priced at almost one third to that of the competitor brands, resulting into instant trial by the consumers. Owing to its unique environment-friendly, phosphate-free formulation, the consumers became loyal to this brand, helping it to over-take the decades’ old brands, in terms of volumes. This brand had been ranked as the “Most widely distributed detergent powder brand in India” as per All India Census of Retail Outlets carried out in 435 urban towns by the AIMS (Asian Information Marketing & Social) Research agency [Brand Equity – The Economic Times, March 11, 1997]. As per the ORG-MARG Rural Consumer Panel [December 1998] survey, Nirma brand has been ranked as highest in terms of penetration in washing powder category [BT Rural Market Watch, Business Today, June 22, 1999].
  • Wheel Active Lemon & Jasmine Detergent Powder
    • Active Wheel Detergent Bar lathers well & provides ‘deep clean’ for your clothes Active Wheel Detergent Bar is gentle on hands Active Wheel Detergent Bar has good fragrance, leaving your clothes not just clean, but also fresh & fragrant
  • Tide powder
    • If it is a powder detergent you and your machine are looking for, then Tide has you covered with options, such as the new and improved Tide High Efficiency Powder Laundry Detergent, which offers increased stain fighting power packed into a smaller box, allowing you to use less than you would other detergents.
  • Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder
    • Surf excel Easy Wash has the power of 10 hands that removes tough stains easily
    • It’s a superfine powder that dissolves easily and removes tough stains fast
    • It’s superior technology fights various tough stains such oil, ketchup, chocolate, curry stains
    • For tough stains, pre-soak you garments in Surf excel Easy Wash solution for 30 mins
    • Hand-wash – Use 2 scoops of Surf excel Easy Wash, Machine-wash – Use 3 scoops of Surf excel Easy Wash.
    • It works on coloured as well as white garments. It easily cleans all your clothes while taking special care to guarantee there is no color transfer. 3. Its unusual lather formulation ensures deep cleaning while saving water in every wash.
  • Ariel Perfect Wash Washing Powder
    • Ariel removes tough stains in 1 wash, in whichever format that best suits your needs. From washing powder to washing liquid, our detergents will help you remove even the most stubborn stains, while keeping your whites brilliant and your colours bright, load after load. Ariel Matic products are especially great for heavily stained clothes in fully-automatic washing machines, providing you with a quick and effective clean. Find the right Ariel detergent for you.
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