Nature’s 360 Black Gram (Sabut urad dal, maa ki dal)

  • Black Gram: Nutrition, Therapeutic Benefits, Uses For Skin And Hair
  • If you love relishing piping hot fluffy idlis, crispy vadas and tantalizing dosas on your breakfast table and feel energetic for the rest of the day – then it’s time you give a shout-out to our own protein loaded bean- the Black Gram.
  • Native to the Indian subcontinent and mostly grown in the coastal Andhra Pradesh in our country, these smooth, cylindrical oval shaped black gram beans go with the botanical name Vigna mungo and are popularly known as Urad Dal in Hindi, minapappu in Telugu, Vulundhu in Tamil. Prized as Maa Ki Daal by the Punjabis, these lentils are available in various avatars as whole, dehulled and in the form of split bean.

Nature’s 360 Black Gram (Sabut urad dal, maa ki dal)


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